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Membership Benefits

We invite you to join us today. Annual membership in The L.C. Smith Collectors Association is $40. Life membership is $500.

You can purchase both kinds ONLINE by using the button on the left.  If you want to send a check instead of using a credit card you will have that choice when you get to the payment screen.

As a member you receive The L.C. Smith Journal, the official publication of the L.C. Smith Collectors Association. Published quarterly (March, June, September, and December), it is the forum for the organization. Articles about collecting L.C. Smith shotguns and information about individual shotguns, grades, options, accessories, the company, or its employees are featured. Some articles call on you to help with the research by measuring or noting details about shotguns in your collection. Other articles are about hunting and shooting L.C. Smith double guns and single barrel trap guns. Shooting and collecting events of special interest to the members are presented.  The Journal allows members to advertise L.C. Smith shotguns, parts, and memorabilia they want to sell and those they wish to purchase.  The Journal lists contact information for dealers, gunsmiths, restoration specialists, publications, and accessories.

As a member you may request basic information, such as barrel length or options, at no fee. For a quick check you E-mail the serial number and questions to This benefit will be especially valuable if you are thinking about purchasing a L.C. Smith shotgun, for a quick check for information about the L.C. Smith you inherited from your grandfather, the one you have been shooting for many years, or the one you have just acquired.

An additional benefit of membership is the reduced cost of a Research Letter. The Research Division of the L.C. Smith Collectors Association will search the factory production records for information on individual shotguns and provide all of the existing information in a letter. The cost for members is $50 while non-members pay $75.